Thirst for Health Perks Up Coca-Cola Japan's 5-Grain Tea

Coca-Cola Japan's 5-Grain Tea, a healthy alternative to junk drinksCoca-Cola Japan's 5-Grain Tea, a healthy alternative to junk drinks
Coca-Cola Japan has a long history of innovation, and their new 5-Grain Tea is a perfect example. The beverage epitomizes the swing from sweet, sugary "junk drinks" to more healthy tonics that should find greater acceptance from not only Japan's steadily aging average population, but younger people who've jumped onto the health & fitness bandwagon.

According to Japan Marketing News, "The 500 ml size of Coca-Cola Japan's new Sokenbicha Gokoku, a five grain unsweetened tea, achieved the highest sales rank amongst recently released beverages in Japan."

The bottle sports an organic, hand-friendly shape and the label eschews bright primary colors for an almost traditional look.

The new 5-Grain Tea is representative of a number of similar products that include macrobiotic ingredients like barley tea, black soybeans, unpolished rice and foxtail millet in addition to ordinary tea.


 While Coca-Cola Japan and its competitors show no intention of abandoning their usual sweetened soft drink territories, the introduction and fast acceptance of  Sokenbicha Gokoku five grain unsweetened tea indicates a new flexibility by these companies in accommodating the tastes of very different markets. (via Japan Marketing News)

Sep 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Sokenbicha Gokoku

Where do you buy this in the U.S.?

Sep 20, 2008
by Anonymous


That looks really good. I wonder if they will bring this to the US?

Oct 21, 2008
by Anonymous

most likely will never come

most likely will never come to USA - is marketed for japan market only. Sokenbicha Gokoku - name of japanese.