Thirsty Ninja Bottle Opener Stealthily Cracks Open Cold Ones

There's nothing like a cold beer or soda pop to settle one's nerves after a ninja attack, and there's nothing like the Thirsty Ninja Bottle Opener from Japan's Evolete to quickly and quietly pop the tops off those frosty bottles.

Evoking classic medieval Japanese shurikens (the feared ninja “fighting stars”), these cool bottle openers come in your choice of intense Japanese Lantern Red or Deadly Ambush Midnight Black; both feature non-tarnishing stainless steel jaws that efficiently wrench the cap off of any standard metal-capped bottle. You'll even want to use it on twist-offs!

Evolete guarantees using the Thirsty Ninja Bottle Opener will bring out your inner ninja... the more you use it, the more out your inner ninja gets (especially if you're opening beer). Things may get to the point where forensic investigators will note what appears to be a thrown ninja fighting star or two embedded in the suspect's refrigerator. Not to worry, the  Thirsty Ninja Bottle Opener ALWAYS rests in such a position courtesy of a pair of powerful hidden fridge-grabbing magnets mounted in the shuriken's “buried” point.  

Based near Tokyo with an office in Osaka, Evolete thrives to make the world a little bit smaller by making sure the item you fell in love with from the other side of the world can be held in your hands.” Thanks to the Thirsty Ninja Bottle Opener's ingenious design (minus the razor-sharp points and edges of actual ninja shurikens), you can hold this stylish bottle opener in your hands while still adding a stealthy dash of ninja mystique to even the most pedestrian kitchen.