Thirteen Oddest, Funniest And Strangest Holiday Ornaments

Deck the halls with …. What in the world is that? Sometimes we wonder what has gotten into some people. First, the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend, the Turducken, and Christmas music piped into stores before Halloween. Now it seems all rules are forgotten and the Christmas decorating train has run off the rails.

Here's 13 of the oddest, funniest and strangest Christmas Tree Ornaments to add fun to your tree:

1. Holiday Tampon Ornament


Presented by Etsy creator crankyamoeba, the Holiday Tampon has many odd and interesting ornament friends on Etsy. There is Used Panty Liner ornament, Elf Poop Ornament and more to decorate your very weird tree.

2. Naked Santa and Mrs. Claus Ornament


Etsy artist Dee22450 created this lovely duo of ornaments. It seems Santa doesn’t always wear that red suit – sometimes he can be caught in just his birthday suit!

3. Shades of Gray Ornament


The hottest books and soon-to-be movie has inspired Sewhard to create and sell an entire line of alternative-lifestyle gingerbread people on her Etsy shop. Rest assured, our leather-bedecked friend has partners of all genders and persuasions available to join him – but their outfits are too risqué to post!

4. Fabulous Mermen Ornaments


This author spotted these ornaments several years ago in a beachside shop in St. Augustine, FL. Truly; the photos do not do them justice. Amazon sources the entire lineup of absolutely fabulous mermen so you can bedeck your holiday tree with all the joy and sparkle of the season. (There is also a collection of sexy mermaids as well.)

5. Blow Up Doll Ornament

If you like thinky of kinky things when you look at your Christmas Tree, this blow up doll may be the perfect addition to your sexy tree. You can get your very own here.


6. Santa the Kidnapper


We don’t think this image of Santa quite portrays the jolly, child-friendly old elf we believe sneaks into our living rooms every Christmas. This one seems more like the pervy old guy in a raincoat that lurks too close to the elementary school.Ornament

7. Pasta Ornaments


When did tossing pasta onto trees become a holiday tradition, Amazon? Careful, if you look at your tree, you may start  craving meatballs and savory sauce. (If you're more of a Mexican food person., you can get the taco ornament instead.)

8. Hipster Mustache Ornaments


It’s a sign of the times. The hipster mustache is nearly ubiquitous in modern decoration. Why not on the tree?

9. Bacon Ornament

No Christmas tree would be complete without  something crispy on your tree so  this shiny mmmmm bacon ornament  is just perfect to add that savory touch. Of course if you are in more of a sour mood, you can always add a pickle ornament. I find it very strange but it seems to be a tradition in Germany.


10. Rubber Chicken Ornament


We are not sure what theme would be appropriate to feature the Rubber Chicken Ornament, but Neatoshop has them ready regardless.

11. Grenades For Your Christmas Tree Ornament

Coolest Gadgets (no longer available)

Nothing conveys the joyous spirit of the season like a Douglas fir bedecked in silver grenades. Luckily, they come in sets of six.

12. A Christmas Story “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” Ornament


A Christmas Story is probably one of the most iconic holiday movies of our time, eclipsed only by the unrated version of Bad Santa. Pay homage to A Christmas Story and the fabled BB gun gift with this classic “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” ornament.

13. Meh Ornament

Vitamin Ha

This is how I feel after driving by the mall any time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just…meh. Maybe I’ll decorate my entire tree with these this year.  To go perfectly with this perfect T-shirt.

Assuming your pets don’t destroy your Christmas tree, we hope these wacky ornaments give you some inspiration to try your own silly holiday tradition. After all, Santa’s motto is “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and he is supposed to be a jolly old soul.

If you want to see ridiculous ornaments from years past, check out  11 Stupid, Strange and Ugly Christmas Ornaments.

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