The Cat's In Style!

Cats are born snobs, and as they age they just get more finicky. The cat in this picture is obviously living in style and happy about it. And Cat's In Style just happens to be the name of these uppity cat designs created by Marly Gommans, a Dutch interior designer.

The Cat's In Style is a matching cat set of litter box, pillow, scratching post, and door. Yes, a door. A full board door with metal door mountings, a handle, and a felt opening for THE cat. In fact, the perfect door for the cat's special room!

Cat's In Style first answers the demands of most cats - privacy and the ability to come and go as she likes being foremost. -- but it also factors in environmental considerations by using reusable materials like wool felt, natural pillow stuffing, and wood for the door and scratcher base, covered in natural sisal fiber.

I love the design of the handmade cat pillow and litter box cover. There are some rich cat designs that you just can't see your cat using, but the Cat's In Style items are totally cat-inviting. And you have to admit, the sisal sculpture isn't exactly your every day scratching post.

So, what's the Cat's In Style price tag? Not that bad, when you consider that you're getting all four items, including a door! It's $409 (plus shipping, of course) at Generate, where you can also purchase some components individually.

via Trends Now

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