Th!nk's All Electric Vehicle to hit the Pavement Very Soon

Th!nk Automotive has been working hard to produce an electric car for several years now. After some serious development and experiment time, they have introduced the City and if everything goes well, this could be their first big step into automotive production.

The City is a "plug-in" electric vehicle that if charged overnight offers a total range of 125 miles. A top speed of 65 miles per hour has been documented, but only if you really drain the power from the batteries. 50mph can be reached in 16 seconds, while no 0-60 time was disclosed.

Th!nk also decided to make sure you and your passenger had all the power options normally found on mid-level vehicle. Power locks, power windows and power mirrors are all standard, as is a 4Kw heater, air-conditioning and a CD player with built in MP# playback and Bluetooth capability. They even found enough left over energy for a GPS navigation and multimedia system.

The City is set to make a debut at the British International Motor show which starts tomorrow. Initial pricing is set right around the $28,000 mark plus a monthly fee for battery rental. You should expect to see the City cruising the streets of the UK as early as summer of next year. No official word on US release dates or pricing.

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From : Newspress UK

Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous


Battery rental? Funny, I don't "rent" the engine in my current car...