For Those Who Really Love Golf.....The World's Most Luxurious Golf Car

Golfing has been listed as one of the most relaxing sports you can participate in, which makes sense considering it's almost always accompanied with sunny weather and close friends. Now, Garia is planning on taking you relaxation a step farther with what has been called the most luxurious golf car ever to be made.

Set to debut at the upcoming Top Marques Luxury Show in Monaco, the Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit will undoubtedly be among the crowd favorites. Costing a cool $52,000, it could also be the most expensive as well.

For that price however, you will be getting a golf cart that is assembled in the same plant as the Porsche Cayman and Boxster. The roof is carbon fiber and each unit is painted to the customer's specifications, which makes matching it to your favorite full sized vehicle pretty easy.


When you decide to take the Soleil de Minuit onto your favorite course, it will become very clear it was designed to be used and not as a conversation piece. A full double wishbone suspension will offer the smoothest ride you will likely ever have in a golf car, and the built in refrigerator will keep your refreshments cold and ready for the 9th hole halftime break.

The Marques Luxury Show is set to kick off on the 15th of April and run until the 18th. More details will likely be available following the unveiling ceremony.