Thought You'd Seen Everything? Catch This Magic Dishwasher

It really took a lot of imagination to come up with this remarkable and dazzling triple-function design. It's a dishwasher, and a more space efficient, energy saving, awesomely ahead-of-its-time design for a dishwasher I've yet to see. But this dishwasher also can take your dirty plate and spit it out as a clean bowl!

Designed for Electrolux by Teo Kai Qiang, the Shape Changer Plate Washer and Drier (a better name needed here!.), takes your stacked up plates on its top arm and, one by one, the dishes travel along a conveyor belt through the wash and dry cycles in a breeze. That's neat.

But, suppose you're having guests over for homemade ice cream and you don't have enough bowls?  No problem.  Just program the Shape Changer Plate Washer and Drier to work its magic on your plates and you will have as many bowls as you need.

Plates can be easier to store that bowls.  So when your guests leave, run all those bowls through the Shape Changer, program it appropriately, and your extra bowls will show up as plates at the end of the cycle.

Sounds just like the fairy tales I tell my 3-year old niece.




No, it's not abracadabra that does the trick.  It's a technology called electrostatic flocking, and though I understand how it's accomplished on fabric (source), I don't claim to understand how it's done on these polypropylene and nylon plates. But maybe you will... Here's what Teo Kai Qiang explains...

"The electrostatic flocking unit harnesses surrounding static energy with an ascertained frequency staging that is able to change the shape of the object which has strains of nylon when contact is being made with the source of static.

The plates are composite plastics, made up with a mixture of polypropylene and nylon straints that has the ability to change from its flat shape either to a plate or bowl according to the static frequency being produced by the metal contact points."




I'm still going to tell this story to my niece as a fairy tale.  And in a few years, she'll see one of these better-branded dishwashers "in person" and she'll believe that fairy tales can indeed come true.

Source: Yanko Design


Jul 20, 2009
by Anonymous


As cool as that is, I'd also want to question the healthiness of eating off of such plastic, since there are so many news articles decrying plastic bottles, etc. nowadays...

Jul 20, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets


I know Electrolux is very keen on being earth friendly, and this "dish molder" is still in design phase, so I tend to think that the final product will be greener!  I hope so too!