Thousands Of Bikini-Clad Girls Form Dolphin To Raise Environmental Awareness

The 2014 version of the annual “Chimelong 10,000 People's Bikini” event at Guangzhou, China's  Chimelong Water Park involved thousands of bikini-clad girls assembling to form the shape of a leaping dolphin. The stunt's stated porpoise, er, purpose was to raise awareness of environmental causes.

This year's estrogen-fueled photo op took place on May 18th and was said by event organizers to have set a new record for the number of participants... no pants required, by the way. Once in position, the girls performed a variation on the stadium-style WAVE which caused the giant dolphin to "swim" in an undulating pattern... well, you sorta had to be there. 


It should also be noted that regardless of the whole “10,000 people” thing, a quick study of the aerial photo indicates the true number of bikini babes to be around 1,000 at best. Not that there's anything wrong with this unless you're a stickler for accuracy or a feminist... or both.

All quibbles aside, the Chimelong 10,000 People's Bikini has proven to be very popular with visitors to the Chimelong Water Park since its debut in 2008. Check out this short English-language video report of the event from China View (via That's Shanghai and Ecns, photos via China News Service / Liu Weiyong)