The Fridge Locker Halts Prying Fingers

Pretty much all of us have run into instances where our food has been taken before we can eat it.  Sometimes it happens at home when your little brother takes your last piece of cake.  Sometimes it happens in college when a roommate helps herself to the frozen pizzas you were keeping for your next midnight craving.  Other times it occurs when your children find your secret stash of chocolate bars.  Even in the workplace your food is often not safe from prying fingers.

It is a frustrating situation when you have been thinking about your favorite food all day and are sure that the moment you get home you will be able to indulge your craving, only to find that your treasured food is gone.  The Fridge Locker is made to keep those uninvited snackers out.  The device is basically a cage for storing food.  It has its own metal combination lock and can be placed in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

The unit is also made to withstand a lot of punishment from ravenous scroungers.  So if you are looking for a way to keep certain items to yourself then the Fridge Locker may just do the trick.(See Fridge Locker)


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