ThredUp: Convenient Clothing Exchange, Netflix Style!

Everyone's got clothes in their closet that they no longer plan on wearing, but just can never seem to get around to donating, exchanging or selling. Clothing exchanges aren't new, but they're not always convenient either - so there's one site that makes it easy to swap your sway.


TredUp gives fashion lovers a way to exchange those items that they're just grown tired of. Using the website, they can post the items in their closest that are up for grabs, and can browse the site to choose fashions that others have grown tired of. Naturally, the items posted on TredUp are most often gently used, and those who subscribe to the service can browse through to select styles they like, as well as sizes and other clothing specifications. Items are exchanged according to a schedule and using prepaid envelopes, so it's clothing with the convenience of Netflix!