Three Coffee Napkin Ads That Jolt You With Their Beauty

In New Zealand, a series of artistic ads were created for a local coffee company. Ten artists created 30 pieces of art - all made using coffee napkins. The ads were displayed in bus shelters along an Auckland Street. The effect was a series of mini art galleries to promote coffee. Here are some examples.

This piece by Dean Tercel is made with oil paint on napkins.


Jonathan Baxter created these butterflies using nothing but coffee napkins.


This innovative art ad, created by Hayley King, is made using spray paint on napkins.


What do you think of these ads? Do you think art in advertising is effective?


Source: Ads of the World

Sep 18, 2008
by Anonymous

Art in Ads

I think that Art in ads get my attention more, and I do look at them more closely, if nothing else than just appreciation. And I'm not one to look at ads very often.