3 Fun Mirrors From Suck UK

Suck UK creates so many innovative and fun products that always make you smile. Today, I fell for three fun mirrors that I'd like to share with you: Five x Five, Who Tall Are You, and the Wiper Mirror.


The Five x Five Mirror


The Five x Five is guaranteed to make you crazy, but you must hang this mirror where your guests will see it! If you hear outrageous laughter coming from your guest bathroom, you will know why! Each one of the 25 mirrored panels are set at a different angle on a 22 inch square polished stainless steel frame.



The Who Tall Are You Mirror



Everyone who's ever been anyone is among the 120 celebrities listed on this wall tall mirror. Are you Charlie Chaplin, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Snoop Dogg? Another interesting hang-out for your guests!



The Wiper Mirror



The Wiper Mirror is very practical as you can imagine, but it will still make you smile. Super idea, right? And yes, the wiper and blade are affixed to the mirror, you only need to turn it once from side to side to get the clarity you need to start the day! (Buy wiper mirror from Amazon here.)

All three mirrors are available from Suck UK: Five x Five Mirror, Who Tall Are You, Wiper Mirror.



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Feb 27, 2009
by Jill Harness
Jill Harness's picture


I love the who tall are you one.