Three-Piece Kayak Makes Storage And Travel Much Easier

Kayaking is a great sport, but there's a number of factors that make it a lot less practical than other sports. One of the most blatant factors is the sheer size of the kayak. Unless you want to invest in a roof rack or trailer, in addition to a $1,000 boat, transporting your kayak to the river or lake can be a real challenge. Assuming you don't want to kayak by yourself and plan to bring multiple kayaks along, it's even more difficult.

Unless you have a large garage, yard or shed, kayak storage can also be an issue. Imagine trying to stuff a touring kayak in a post-college studio apartment.

Point65, a Swedish manufacturer, recently unveiled a brilliant solution at the ISPO trade show in Munich. The Tequila kayak is a three-piece unit that simply breaks apart for storage and travel. It features "snap-tap" construction that allows for breaking it down and putting it together in seconds. So the kayak easily fits into your car or truck without the need for a rack or trailer and can be stored more easily inside a home or garage.

On the water, Point65 describes the Tequila as a rugged, stable and safe boat. A two-piece configuration can be used for solo trips, while the middle piece can be added for tandem kayaking.

The Point65 Tequila was a finalist for the ISPO Brand New Awards. Take a look at it in action in the video below.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  A 3-piece breakeable modular kayak is now available here and here.

Via: ISPO and Point65

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Feb 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for these markets

So Russia
US lakes, USA.
RV parks
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