Thrift Toothpaste Tears Into Green And Clean

From Guo Lili comes a tube of toothpaste we can all get to the bottom of.


We’ve all done it – waited that extra day or two to purchase a new toothpaste tube, despite knowing that our current dispenser of dental health simply won’t make it.


“It’s OK,” we assure ourselves “there’s still that bit of paste hiding at the sides/bottom/under the cap. Plus, the store is so far awaaaay.” We're whiners, sometimes.


And so we find ourselves, ready for bed and with a mouth that feels and smells like the large, garlic-y repast of several hours prior, with no way to properly clean our omnivorous essentials.


We squeeze and roll, pinch and pull, and sometimes manage to eke out enough paste to make it through one more night, or be not entirely gross when we head to work in the morning. Other days, we simply cannot find that tiny bit of toothpaste we know is supposed to be there, much to our own (and our spouse’s) frustration.


In response to our tooth-related woes, Guo Lili had created Thrift Toothpaste, an easy way to deal with the dregs of the tube. The concept is simple – it looks just like a regular toothpaste tube, but with one large exception – the back has a small “tear here” edge that will allow you to rip off the end of the tube and access the remaining toothpaste with your brush.

See?: Easy toothpaste access!See?: Easy toothpaste access!


Lots of packages contain a “tear-here” edge, but toothpaste has never been among them. Sure, you’re not going to get a great deal of paste out of these tubes before they are really and truly exhausted, but Thrift Toothpaste is yet another way to get the most of your products before committing them to a landfill.


Here’s hoping a major paste manufacturer decides to sink their teeth into this one.


Source: Yanko Design