Through The Drapes, Darkly And Noiselessly

Noise Reduction DrapesNoise Reduction Drapes Windows are wonderful inventions.  They let you see what's going on outside, brighten up your rooms with natural light, make your rooms warmer or colder depending upon the outdoor temperature, and even let you hear the street traffic or, sometimes, your next door neighbors' conversations.  But what about when those elements coming from your window are not welcome... like when you want to sleep in on a Sunday morning?

Just say 'curtains' to those uninvited guests with drapes that will make your room pitch black by blocking 99 percent of light.  They will also block out 40 percent of noise with their tightly bound triple weave polyester fabric.  And their insulative properties will maintain your indoor temperature too, by not allowing solar heat or cold drafts through to your room.

The 'Noise Reduction Drapes' have a soft weave and have plenty of material to allow for graceful folds, though the tops are pinch-pleated.  They are nicely finished with a hemmed bottom. The Drapes come in two sizes and in three colors: Chocolate, Sage, and Tan.  And no, you don't have to have them dry cleaned; they are completely machine washable.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the Noise Reduction Drapes come with a lifetime guarantee.



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