Throw An Amazing Halloween Bash With These Creepy Treat Makers

If you are planning a Halloween shindig you are going to need some terrifying treats to serve to your guests and there are no better ghoulish goodies than the ones you make at home.  I mean, just because something looks disgusting does not mean it has to taste that way too.  Plus, it is a lot of fun creating creepy concoctions to freak out your friends.  Here are a few Halloween food and gadget items to get your party prep underway.



The Brain Jelly Mold creates a rather convincing looking body part snack.  I am not much of a fan of jelly consistency foods to begin with, so I think that even if I made this one myself I would not be able to eat it.  It would look great on a Halloween table though.



Who says gingerbread houses are just for Christmas?  With the amount of candy covering these things it only makes sense that there be some for the most sugar filled holiday of the year too.  The Wilton Halloween Pre-Baked Cookie House allows you create a much spookier version of the traditional gingerbread house.



Cupcakes may seem a little too cutesy for Halloween, but if you frost them in a creepy color and then wrap them in Wilton Haunted Manor Cupcake Wrappers then they will be more than suitable for the occasion.  Okay, they are still kind of cute, but in a much more appropriate way.



Whether you are having an adult or kid Halloween party, no one wants to mix up their glass of eyeball punch with someone else’s.  VacuVin has a special set of Halloween Creepy Creatures Glass Markers to keep everyone’s drinks in order.  These fun characters suction cup to the sides of glasses so that everyone can pick theirs out of the crowd.



Plain old ice cubes will never do for a Halloween bash.  The coffin shaped Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray by Fred and Friends allows you to create fang teeth shaped ice.  Imagine these floating around in your tomato juice or other red concoction.    

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