Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW Brings Wii Skateboarding Action for Less

Sick of shelling out hundreds in the Wii sports after-market? Thrustmaster feels you (only figuratively, hopefully). When it comes to shredding the gnar gnar, you could spend over a hundred bills on pro branding ala Tony Hawk, or you could spend just $29.99 on the Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW and get the same living room ride.

The T-Free appears to be more than just a cheap Wii knockoff. It features an aesthetic board made of pure maple and a built-in stop mechanism so that uncoordinated gamers don't topple over and smash through grandma's glass coffee table.

Thrustmaster made the unfortunate mistake of painting a skull onto the deck. Then they followed it up with this little diddy: " Designed to reflect the extreme attitude and style of boarders, the T-Freestyle NW features a "Skull" logo..." Extreme to the max. Other then those regrettable decisions, and the creepy, Web-stalkerish "Thrustmaster" label, this thing looks good. Especially for $30.

It'll be available later this month, in time for all all those holiday shopping lists. 

Via Engadget