Thumbs Up For Texting Champion!

"OMG BFF I have the fastest thumbs in the US!" could have been the rallying cry from Kate Moore, a 15 yr old from Des Moines who received $50,000 in prize money at a Texting Championship. Beating out 250,000 people for a spot in the finals, her digit dexterity crowned her the winner and bragging rights of being the fastest texter in the land.

LG Electronics established the LG U.S. National Texting Championships to test speed, agility and concentration. Now into its 3rd year, the challenges consisted of texting while blindfolded and texting while walking on a treadmill.

Kate who sends out over 14,000 texts per month's won the contest with a final text message that Kate MooreKate Mooreflawlessly typed out the first stanza of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," a song from the 1946 Disney film "Song of the South."

According to a Harris Interactive Poll,texting is indeed replacing talking amongst teens. Teens admitted spending nearly an equal amount of time talking as they do texting each month. The feature is so important to them that if texting was no longer an option, 47 percent of teens say their social life would end or be worsened – especially among females (54 percent compared to 40 percent of males).

It's not only teens who are obsessed with texting. Many of us older folks have been sucked in over the years in varying degrees, as evidenced by this spoof from the hit TV Show "Scrubs"

Parents who believe nothing good can come out of text messaging might have to rethink chastising their kids for wasting their time on their cell phones. However, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another matter all together!