A Ticket Forward: Business Stems From Viral Search For A Travel Companion Named Elizabeth Gallagher

It stems from a story you've probably already heard about - where a Canadian man named Jordan Axani searched for a Canadian citizen named Elizabeth Gallagher, after a ticket around the world threatened to go to waste when his relationship ended. Then, as a kind of "pay it forward" he started a non-profit business to create similar opportunities for others.

A Ticket Forward is a business that gets right into the spirit of the season of giving, while its founder, Jordan Axani takes off on the trip that spawned the concept. Of course, that trip is the one that lead him to search far and wide for a travel buddy ready for a trip of a lifetime. But, he wasn't prepared to take just anyone - or rather, Canadian travel laws dictated that he couldn't.

It's a story that began with a breakup, leaving Axani with a ticket in the name of Elizabeth Gallagher; his ex-girlfriend that was originally set to accompany him on a dream trip around the world. With a non-transferable ticket, the Canadian decided to make a post on Reddit, seeking for a travel companion with the same name that could take advantage of his misfortune. 

Finding another Elizabeth Gallagher with a Canadian passport proved to be a challenge, as many of the responses Axani received was from those vowing to change their names for the travel opportunity. However, he did ultimately find about 20 women that met his criteria, and chose one from the bunch. The Elizabeth Gallagher he chose was enthusiastic about pay it forward opportunities, and agreed to be a platonic travel buddy, which solidified his selection. This set A Ticket Forward in motion.

The non-profit helps to find sponsorship for those looking to travel the world, often for unique reasons. For example, those that have never had the opportunity to travel to a destination they've always had the intention of going to for a charitable purpose. It also works to make connections between potential travel companions with similar goals. While this company is still in the startup stage, it is gaining traction as a result of the publicity from the original viral circumstance.

The Axani/Gallagher travel duo is ready to set flight on their adventure on December 21st. We'll be keeping an eye on both the future of this company, and the success of the journey in the upcoming weeks.

But, I'm interested to know - is A Ticket Forward a business you could get behind?