Ticket To Mind Takes The Worry Out Of Gift Giving With Prepaid Packages

 Ticket To Mind takes both the stress and fun out of gift shopping, with their prepaid program. Gift givers simply pick a prepaid package for the special person they're hoping to woo and the rest of the hard work is done for them.

I'll be honest; a part of me sees the innovative nature of the business. It's certainly a convenient option and there's a market out there for it. There are plenty of male and female consumers who have an impossible time choosing a present, or remembering the special occasions that require their purchase.

 They offer four plan types, ranging in frequency of shipment and quality of product for 20-70 BRL per month. The Basic, Plus, Advances and Express packages offered include the stereotypical consumerist gifts like flowers, chocolate, toys, cosmetics, and potentially items of the X-rated variety.

While I have no doubt that Ticket To Mind will grown into a successful business, in Brazil, and potentially beyond, once they release a multi-lingual version of the website I can't help but have some reservations about the business.

















 To me, the thought and love that goes into searching for and selecting the perfect gift, is far more important than the gift itself. I guess I'm a believer in the "it's the thought that counts motto" but not in the interpretation that infers it's a bad gift. I do also enjoy occasionally receiving chocolate, flowers, or a cute and cuddly stuffed animal; but I think that half the fun of gift giving (other than the ‘thought process' mentioned above) is the creative aspect. But, that being said, just because not everyone supports it, doesn't mean it's a bad business idea.

If your New Year's resolution is to shower the apple of your eye with tokens of your affection, you can do it the easy way with Ticket To Mind's gift packages, or have the rest of your holiday gifts conveniently dispensed for you.

Source: CoolBusinessIdeas.com