TicketFree: A Subscription Business That Insures You Against Traffic Tickets

If you're someone who finds themselves with a lot of minor traffic tickets, then there's a business that you might want to take advantage of. It's a Canadian Company that takes a simple and common concept and applies it to a slightly new niche for those who just can't stay away from those fines!


TicketFree takes advantage of all of those poor saps who fear having to pay a bucketload of parking tickets, but never have to. But it's to the advantage of those who just can't seem to stay away from fines when they forget to plug the parking meter or other minor traffic violations. It offers an annual membership at a fee of about $170 and for that, it will pay various traffic ticket fines totalling more than $1,000 per year if you need them to.

Hey, putting it that way might not shed the best light on TicketFree, but like any other insurance; it's a business that relies upon the financial fear of individuals whether or not they turn out to require the help. Old concept applied to a slightly new niche always makes for success!

Via: Springwise