Tide iPod Sweepstakes - Inventive Marketing

A recent promotion by Tide used vintage style promotional t-shirts and a completely customized iPod nano to drive their Loads of Hope program to benefit New Orleans.

The sweepstakes lasted six weeks, and having just ended, rewarded six lucky winners with an orange and Tide branded collector's edition iPod nano. To register you had to purchase one of the t-shirts with all proceeds going to Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding New Orleans.

Along with the sweepstakes, other marketing for the cause includes singer, John Legend, partnering with Tide and the Loads of Hope program to raise awareness of the situation in New Orleans. He spent a day folding laundry at the Tide CleanStart mobile Laundromat and visiting home in the area that needed rebuilding.

What an idea! Epromos says it best: Tie your logo merchandise into a benefit and creating items that appeal to a hip, young demographic can serve the dual purpose of helping Tide develop brand recognition in consumers at an age when they are developing brand preferences, and encouraging them to be active citizens.

What do you think about this marketing for a cause? How effective is it to bring in celebrities and giveaways? Has it really come to the point that it is necessary to provide these things (promotions) to get support for a cause that is bettering our country and people?

Source: Epromos and Tide

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger