Tiger Woods Takes On Japan's Best Female Golfers in 9-Hole Charity Event

Tiger Woods, American professional golfer and reluctant celebrity, is taking his talents to Japan! The former World No. 1 and Japan's top 3 female pro golfers are set to tee off this November 1st in “Challenge! Tiger Woods”, a 9-hole charity event to benefit Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

Miho Koga (left), Shinobu Moromizato (below, right) and Rui Kitada (below, left) are set to take on Woods, the former World No.1 golfer who's scorecard lists 73 PGA Tour victories, 38 European Tour wins and two triumphs on the Japan Golf Tour.

The one-off event will take place at the Masters Golf Club in Miki City, Hyogo prefecture, a venue very familiar to the three women as it's been the home course for the "Masters GC Ladies" JLPGA official tournament since 2003. Indeed, Miho Koga won the tourney in 2006 and 2007. As for Woods, he's no stranger to the Masters Golf Club either having participated in the “The Dream Challenge Charity Match” held at the club in November of 2006.

It was at this charity event held to help boost the development of youth golf in Japan that Woods met Kunio Nobuta, President of Nobuta Group, a large sports & entertainment conglomerate who own and operate the Masters Golf Club.

Nobuta and Woods have kept in touch over the past 5 years and when Kunio Nobuta asked Woods to participate in a charity event to benefit victims of the 2001 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, Woods agreed wholeheartedly.

Say what you will about Tiger Woods, he's one of several high-profile athletes, entertainers and celebrities who have stepped up on behalf of Japanese victims of the March 2011 disaster, ignoring hysterical and inaccurate reports of dangerous radiation in the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant reactor meltdown. 

According to information published at Tiger Woods' official website, each of the three most devastated Japanese prefectures will receive 45 million yen (about $570,000) after the mini-tourney to be applied towards ongoing relief and reconstruction efforts. What a great way to “chip” in and spread some green!