Tights Of The Living Dead

Okay ladies! You've got your zombie apocalypse survival plan ready to go. Your zombie survival kit is packed and by the door just in case. Now, how are you going to blend in so that you can fight on (or sneak away)? Time for a disguise. You've got the halting walk and blank stare down. You've got the make-up planned. One more thing and you are on your way -- a nifty pair of zombie tights to make your legs look really bad (or really good).

 Tights Of The Living Dead -- Zombie Legs For LadiesTights Of The Living Dead -- Zombie Legs For Ladies

This creepy hosiery is from beadborg on Etsy. Each pair is custom made for the buyer. In addition to the demented zombie look, they also are painted to have ball joints like old-fashioned dolls. Perhaps this detail will also gross out the zombies to give you a chance to make your move while they are distracted.

The tights can be either flesh-colored or white and come in three sizes -- small, medium, and large (that lets me out, oh well). In a pinch you can also use them as a part of your Halloween costume.

Tights Of The Living Dead -- Zombie Legs For LadiesTights Of The Living Dead -- Zombie Legs For Ladies

The tights are adorned with badly stitched wounds, bruises, and dripping blood, not to mention several shades of gangrene. Since they are custom made, no two pairs are exactly alike. Maybe if you are really nice beadborg will throw in some varicose veins for free. Don't worry if you get a run in your tights, it will just add to the overall effect. 

How you create the stench of rotting living-dead flesh is entirely up to you. I'm thinking raw hamburger that has ripened in the litter box for three days. Ugh! Yak! Maybe I'll just let the zombies kill me.

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