Time To Get Off Your Arse, Study Urges

Image via ehow.comImage via ehow.com It doesn't matter to your blood pressure, finds a Swedish research report, how much exercise you do for one hour a day; it matters what you do all day.  In other words, if you have a desk job, it's time to get off your arse!

The research, conducted by the Sweden's Karolinska Institute and its School of Sport and Health Sciences, compared two groups of sedentary office workers. One group remained seated for up to 8 hours a day and the other took regular breaks during which they got up from their desks and moved around. 

The subjects in the group that took regular breaks were found to have better blood lipid and blood glucose levels, as well as less obesity, three measures critical to avoiding diabetes.  But the sedentary group were found to have high blood lipid and glucose levels and more obesity, regardless of how much exercise they did during non-working hours.

The doctors that conducted the research recommend that desk workers take a break for 5 minutes every 45 minutes and move around.  They suggest activities such as delivering messages in person rather than email, walking upstairs instead of taking an elevator, even taking a coffee break!  The coffee should get you moving... somewhere!

This study is very bad news to me personally, as I am so guilty of forgetting to take short breaks.  I think it's time to get a new set-up.  Maybe a treadmill desk?

Gotta' take a break now!


via The Register

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