Time To Hang Out? Do It In Your Own Cocoon

There are times when you just want to get away and find a little privacy and calm in the midst of the chaos you call a life. With a Hanging Cocoon you can have that spot just outside your home. It is sort of a swing and Hanging CocoonHanging Cocoontent hybrid. It is a hammock that you don't have to have special skills to get into so that you don't get thrown to the ground. It is your own little hanging oasis.

The basic design was inspired by the hanging nests of weaver birds with their tapering style. With a wide opening there is little danger of claustrophobia. The cotton/polyester shell is treated with polyurethane for water resistance so that your cocoon is still user-friendly when the weather is a little drippy. The shell also provides UPF 50+ sun protection. A gentle breeze can set you swaying.

The cocoon is a great venue for reading, meditating, or just a bit of daydreaming. You can even hang out with your iPad to catch up on your favorite television show or to watch that movie you've been wanting to Weaver Bird's Nest (Photo by Sara&Joachim/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Weaver Bird's Nest (Photo by Sara&Joachim/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)see. It creates such a relaxing space that many are being used by the finest luxury spas in England's West Country.

All you need is a really strong tree branch (or a really strong beam for indoor use) and the Hanging Cocoon will do the rest.  Properly installed using the included nylon rope and steel carabiner the cocoon will hold up to 440 pounds. There is some simple assembly required to put together the eight-section aluminum ring that makes up the base. 

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