Time Keeps on Ticking Into the Future With the Tik Tak Clock

I'm one of those people that sets the clock ahead by anywhere from 2 - 7 minutes, just to give myself  "some extra time."  That really doesn't work too well, because I inevitably think I have more time than I really do, and then actually end up late.  Time for a better strategy, perhaps...

tiketty takketytiketty takkety

 oh, so that's how it works...oh, so that's how it works...

If you're looking for a wall clock to give you the precise time at any given moment, and you're not digging the analog varieties, then the Tik Tak wall clock by Dutch designers Mirian Van Der Lubbe and Niels Van Eijk  for Habitat UK is for you.   This powder-coated steel clock has a separate metal piece for all sixty minutes in an hour, and is sure to either keep you on time or drive you crazy with the visual overstimulation.  The metal spokes are in varying shades of grey to add some depth to the whole piece, while the faster-moving, red second hand emphasizes time's continual movement.  Wow, that's deep.  All this precise time-keeping is for naught, however, if the 1AA battery is low, so remember that when you're working to stay on schedule.

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Feb 4, 2008
by Elizabeth Valeri
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I love the cool, minimalist

I love the cool, minimalist products you feature.  Keep them coming!