Time To Plant Some Sprouts In Your Books

As any avid reader knows one bookmark is pretty much like another. You just pop it between the pages and come back later. The problem is that it only gets you so far. You have two full pages there. So where exactly did you Sprout BookmarkSprout Bookmarkleave off? It is so easy to find yourself rereading several paragraphs before you get right to where you left off. With a Sprout Bookmark you can change that.

This tiny pair of green silicon leaves can be used just like a regular bookmark by sliding them between the pages at the top of the book. It's a really cute look just doing that. The true genius behind the item is that you can put it between the pages, into the crevice, anywhere up and down the page so that you can mark the spot you left off more precisely.

Sprout BookmarkSprout BookmarkWhile some bibliophiles might be upset by any dent that might occur in the paper, it is certainly better than leaving the book open face down to keep you place and break the spine or dog-earring the pages. My brother and I had a major brouhaha when we were teens over the whole face down thing that created a rift in the family for years.

While he is likely to use a formal bookmark and I am more likely to use the grocery receipt I fished out of the bottom of my purse, the Sprout Bookmark is something I think we could actually agree on. I think he would be more inclined to use it in the traditional way and I would stuff it in the middle. We could duke it out at the next family reunion.

Regardless of how you choose to use it, the Sprout Bookmark is great for any book lover. Christmas isn't that far away and this would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite reader. Oh, heck, just buy a set for yourself.

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