Time to Read? Amazon Japan Limited Edition Analog Alarm Clock

Amazon Japan is offering a simple yet stylish analog alarm clock for a limited time only. The clock comes in black or orange, sports the Amazon Japan website URL on its face, and wakes up loyal Amazon customers with an electronic beeping chime and complementary flashing lights.

If less is more, then Amazon Japan's limited edition analog alarm clock is practically minuscule... more or less, anyway. The clock is the latest branded offering from Amazon Japan, joining mugs (below), cups (left), book covers and calendars that display the Amazon Japan URL and, well, that's about it.

Minimal as it looks, the clock was designed to blend in with almost any room décor scheme even though one of the available colors is orange. They're styled in a generic manner with numberless faces – in fact, the only thing on the dial besides thick and thin notches for the 12 hour positions is the aforementioned Amazon Japan logo, innocuously placed at the 3 o'clock position.

These are alarm clocks, and on the back of the clock's body you'll find a geared knob for setting the time or the alarm time, and an ON/OFF button for actuating the alarm. Just in case you wake up while it's still dark, a large and easy to locate button on top of the clock lights up the dial so you can check the time. A lid on the back of the clock reveals a compartement for a standard AA battery.

The alarm sounds with a familiar electronic beeping tone that does its job without sounding strident. Lights positioned at the edge of the dial flash in unison with the alarm tone.

The clock measures 86 × 92mm (about 3.5" by 3.7”), is 49 mm (2”) thick, and weighs 114 grams or just over 4 ounces. Amazon Japan has listed both the Black and the Orange analog logo clock at 1,280 (about $15) each, tax included. (via Gigazine)