'Time of the Sky' Watch Gives Minutemen the Blues

Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki takes a trip back in time, so to speak, with his unusual “Time of the Sky” wristwatch. By displaying “a small window on one's arm” instead of a traditional dial with digits and hands, this rather untimely timepiece resolves the changing hours into the essential colors of day, night, and the time between.

Yoshiyuki teamed up with media artist Tomoya Kahimada to create the watch, which is programmed to display a progression of subtly changing sky colors every few seconds. By mirroring the color changes in the real sky, Yoshiyuki takes us back to pre-industrial society when figuring time to the minute was both impossible and meaningless. In doing so, he hopes to return humanity to a more relaxed, natural way of living in which time flows like a river instead of rigid, compartmentalized conveyor belt.

The “Time of the Sky” wristwatch boasts a natural look as well, with the only visible metal being the settings button on the side of the miniature wood frame around the light box dial. The main function of this button is to add the colors of the sun or moon to the window – a nice touch that adds both interest and beauty.

Ryohei Yoshiyuki's “Time of the Sky” wristwatch isn't for everyone even if everyone has one; making plans to meet at, say, half-past turquoise just isn't going to work. Instead, the watch leans more towards wearable art than a precise time-management tool. If wearing it helps loosen your own mainspring a bit, so much the better. (via RocketNews24 and My Modern Met)

Sep 9, 2011
by Anonymous


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