Time Is On Your Side With the Emily Wall Clock

Greg Wolos, winner of the "Show Us Your Skills" contest held by retro clockmakers furni, has turned timekeeping on its head -- rather, its side -- with his funky, vertical-mounted wall clock titled, "Emily."

Time's on its side, maybe yours tooTime's on its side, maybe yours too

For those of us who can't be bothered to lift our heads from the pillow to check out the time, this clock will be a great help. Now we can just peer out from under our half-closed lids to keep an eye on how much precious snoozing we have left, all the while remaining perfectly horizontal.

snooze buttonssnooze buttons

Viewed from the front, the aluminum casing of this clock is an unobtrusive addition to bedroom décor, and with a little tweaking one could also flip the LED display to transform it to a table clock, if so desired.

The thing is, I find myself constantly glancing at my alarm clock while rushing hither and thither in my morning routine, so it'd be awfully convenient to somehow be able to rotate the display to allow for more viewing angles. So hop on that, Greg. (But I know, I know -- walking my lazy ass across the room could work just as well.)

"Emily" is scheduled for production with the release of furni's upcoming collection, and may just be available in several different finishes and casings, as suggested by the artist.

You can check out the creation of "Emily" on the artist's flickr page.

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