A Time-Honored Perpetual Calendar: Timor By Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari is a philosopher whose intense deliberations result in timeless designs. His deliberation on each design is so intense that It is said that Mari took a full year to design an ashtray. So perhaps it's fitting that Enzo Mari designed "Timor," a perpetual calendar displayed in many of the world's modern art galleries and museums... and one that's being produced by the Italian design store Danese.

The Timor's frame, inspired by European railroad stops, is made of durable ABS plastic and the frame's dimensions - approximately 6.5" x. 6.5" x 3.5" - provide stability for the die-cut durable cardstock date indicators that fan out in staggered fashion from the frame's large pin.





In black and white, Timor table calendar is now available from Hive. What a elegant and timeless design piece for a desk, shelf or even refrigerator top.

sources: Danese, Design Museum, Hive, via NYTimes.


Dec 18, 2008
by Anonymous


What does timor mean?

Dec 19, 2008
by Toby
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Enzo Mari gave his calendar the name "Timor."  It's a name, not a "word."  Most likely it's related to time (the English word) as it is a calendar, but "Timor," as it is spelled, does not have a specific meaning in English or Italian, as far as I know.


Design UnLeashed!

Dec 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Enzo Mari - Calendar

It's a great looking calendar but $190. for a calendar. It may be called art but that is really stretching the meaning of art.