Tina Fey Not Puttin' All Her Eggs In A Twitter Basket - Fears Heroin Addiction

Tina Fey, one of today's most prolific writers and comediennes will not becoming a resident of Twitterville any time soon. Even though she is actively engaged at present on a book tour for her latest retrospective titled, "Bossypants," Fey doesn't quite see the benefit of promoting her brand via the microblogging platform.

According to Craig Ferguson, Twitter's not "like heroin," as he likes to use the site to "tweet about sex," even if it's more "fiction" than factual.

Actually, aside from acquiring an addiction habit, Fey's other concern is making her "bon mots" public. This is the main reason the ex-SNL, Palin-satirist and 30-Rock star is so resistant to join the infamous Twitterati. Aside from a belief she could get into it "too much," Fey believes Twitter would require her being funny 24/7.

"I guess I just feel like if I had any jokes, I would hold them," Fey said.

Twitter is a odd marketplace for celebrities. While lucrative for D-Listers the likes of Kim Kardsashian can make thousands a tweet for selling product, TV and movie stars the ilk of Fey have a little more integrity than that. Plus, they just simply don't need to panhandle for cash online. They're making money the old-fashioned way - they're earning it.

Kim Kardashian Sells Tweets on TwitterKim Kardashian Sells Tweets on Twitter
On the other hand, corporations have learned that Twitter can provide a branding opportunity unlike any other type of publicity. From a communication and distribution standpoint - Twitter has proven itself to be a public relations resource on steroids. With millions of followers, one celebrity can post one tweet that has the ability to boost book and/or movie sales exponentially.

However, according to Katia McGlynn at HuffPo, she doesn't believe those "fake Tiny Fey accounts" will be replaced any time soon, even if they have amassed over 410,000+ followers.

Perhaps there is only one living person on this planet who's happy Fey's made the decision not to put all her satirical eggs in a Twitter basket. Schadenfreude, at the hands of a master is something one ex-Governor of Alaska would prefer not see telegraphed across the Twitterverse. Yes, Sarah Palin has been spared from any of Fey's 140-character barbs - so I'm sure she is sleeping very well ever since the news broke.