Tinker Looks To Attract Super-Bloggers & Mega-Advertisers

What if you were able to harness all the conversations on Twitter about any one topic and sell it to advertisers that were looking to target those like-minded potential consumers? Glam Media has created a micro-blogging ad network platform called 'Tinker' that is looking to do just that. Comparable to a matching service like Harmony.com, Tinker will link up Super-Bloggers with Mega-Advertisers. Dissimilar to a dating site, Tinker is all about getting down to business.

The impact of the Tinker advertising platform is the immediacy of real-time conversations. Never before has an advertiser had the opportunity to access a direct conduit to consumers talking about a specific topic as the conversations are taking place. The old adage in marketing about finding the right customer at the right time is spot-on with the roll-out of the Tinker platform.

Similar to how Google Adsense provides relevant ads that relate to an article's or blog's content, Tinker Micro-Bloggers Network will allow journalists and blogger to post stand-alone widgets on their sites pertaining to a certain topic or "event stream." In turn, brand advertising will be matched with the widgets that are the most relevant to sell their product or service.

According to a TechCrunch report, In order to make advertisers more comfortable with the concept of associating their brands with these micro-conversations, Tinker will offer a “safe” mode so that adsSample Widget for an eventSample Widget for an event never appear near obscenities or certain unauthorized keywords. Event moderators can also use the filters to block specific keywords or people from appearing in their curated stream.

Samir Arora, CEO and founder of Glam Media notes that Tinker was established to help monetize 'real-time' trends and events across multiple applications.

He states:
  • Unlike Social Network apps that live “inside” MySpace and Facebook, Twitter is revolutionizing the apps business by pioneering an open model. Given internet apps are free, except for a small “pro” apps upgrades, it is vital that we can figure out a monetization quickly. Given the audience and vertical targeting Glam has developed for content publishers and the trust with brand advertisers, Glam can bring the learning to the Twitterverse.
Arora claims Glam Media currently boasts over 1,000 publishers with 6,000 editors/journalists/bloggers reaching 56 million unique users a month in the US as displayed in this chart:

While Tinker is still in Beta, now is the best time to take the new platform for a spin. If you are pumped about its features, but not exactly sure how to make it work for you, I suggest you visit their site and view some examples of the innovative ways bloggers, journalists, Web sites and organizations are making Tinker work for them. Happy Tinkering!