Tiny Camera Weirds Me Out

I hate crowds.  Pure and simple.  I get sort'a freaked out and feel like people are staring at me (which they probably are, because I'm freaking out).  I'd rather be locked in my little office or sequestered at a corner booth in a little pub than subject myself to a gaggle of onlookers at the mall.

Keeping that in mind, you can see how the VID001 Color T video camera weirds me out a little.

 Big Brother is watching you.Big Brother is watching you.

As you can see, this little sucker is about the size of a shirt button.  A bit smaller, actually.

Labeled as the smallest color video camera with audio in existence, the VID001 Color T is the stuff that spies dream of-or fear.  Strong enough to send a signal up to 500 feet, it is PC compatible via USB, and software is included.  The coolest feature (aside from the incredibly tiny size) is that it can be motion-activated; this saves storage space on your hard drive.

But what good is a tiny camera without a tiny monitor?

I think I'd need a magnifying glass to use this properly...I think I'd need a magnifying glass to use this properly...

This TFT LCD (Thin Film Transfer Liquid Crystal Display) monitor has a built-in video and audio receiver and can fit in the palm of your hand.  The signal can be received on one of four channels.  In color, no less.  Pretty spy-like, eh?

Or, if you don't need a portable monitor, you can go this route:

This receiver plugs into any television, computer, or video recorder.  It can receive a signal from up to 1000 feet away.  This is supported by software compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Me.

Devices such as these make me wonder how many times we've all been on-camera and not realized it.  Sure, there are the ATM cameras, the convenience store cameras, bank lobby cameras, traffic light cameras, the random kid with food on his face cameras, the occasional television crew with cameras-or the chance that you'll be a victim of some reality show "joke."  I'm sure there are more examples, but my fingers got tired from typing so fast...

And now we have to contend with this?  Something as small as my fingernail that can be hidden pretty much in plain sight?

Well...  Considering the amount of coverage we already get, why not?  I'm not condoning the use of these things in department store changing rooms or public restrooms.  I'm simply stating that we're already on camera so often that it has become the norm.

Personally, I want to get one of these things and attach it to my cat.  That way I can prove that it's been the dog leaving all of those poop landmines in my office...

On the other hand, devices like these almost justify the purchase of a counter surveillance kit.  Just to be safe...

You can find all of these nifty devices at Advanced Intelligence.

SOURCE: Plasma