Tiny Flying Saucer Makes Me Fear Alien Invasion

They're here!  They walk among us!  They're... less than an inch tall?

If they flew to our planet in this thing, that would be the case.

Aliens land on the dead hand of a poor human victimAliens land on the dead hand of a poor human victim

This is The R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer.

Sporting 4 propellers, this tiny flying machine stays level thanks to a built-in accelerometer - the same gadget that resides in current iPhones and Wii controllers.  Essentially this device senses the amount of tilt on two axes and compensates for the differences by adjusting the power to each propeller.  This keeps the saucer level. An automatic trim system keeps things simple for newbies--or for tiny aliens bent on conquering the Earth!  This sort of technology seems far advanced from our own.  It's an invasion, I'm tellin' ya!

This recently unearthed video shows one of these insidious flying machines attempting to take over a typical suburban home:

It appears that the man (who remains calm throughout the entire attack - a brave soul if ever I've seen one) has developed some sort of control device to keep the saucer from landing to disgorge its alien invaders.

Could this be a prototype Flying Saucer control device?Could this be a prototype Flying Saucer control device?

Documents indicate that these saucers have a 5 - 7 minute flight time and utilize a standard wall adapter for 20 minutes to recharge.  During this time the aliens swarm the household and perform hideous probing experiments on hapless human victims.

The aliens appear to have a "Happy Ray"The aliens appear to have a "Happy Ray"

Thankfully the victims are unaware of these experiments due to the miniscule size of the invaders.

Contact your local authorities or go to Think Geek for more information about The R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer! You can also get this for cheap at Amazon.
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