Tiny, Keychain Speakers, Mighty Big Sound

Okay, I don't really believe that these Mighty Mini Speakers will bring a "mighty" sound. The claim that they bring "enough clout to rock your socks off" is even more ridiculous.Your socks are staying in place. Further, the "guarantee that you’ll be blown away by the sound quality!" seems like a hefty one to make. I guarantee you won't. Why don't marketers quit the transparent exxagerations and just stick with what's actually good about a product?

The beauty of these Mighty Mini Speakers is clearly not in the audio quality but in the portability and cool design. A functioning guitar amp or boombox keychain is a pretty cool addition to your keyring--especially for around $25. If ever you forget your iPod dock at a tailgate party or campground, you'll always have a backup. Each miniature speakers includes a 3.5 mm jack for plugging in your iPod or other digital music player. Plug the connector into your computer's USB for charging and enjoy 2.5 hours of music with a full charge.

There--an honest description and I still want a pair--it's not so difficult.(Buy here)

BB Shopping via Coolest Gadgets

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