Tiny Keyring GPS Helps You Find Your Car

GPS has to be one of the most useful technologies that we've seen in history. Its applications have become increasingly pedestrian, helping us out whenever and wherever we might possibly need direction. From beginnings in advanced military-op coordination to use in driving around town and playing sports and now on to simply helping you find your car in that expansive parking lot full of unfamiliar vehicles.

The IDC Ecco Intelligent Digital Compass Personal Pocket GPS Locator may look like a remote entry key, but it's not; it's a GPS receiver. While the name needs an intimate meeting with the delete button, the IDC is a pretty handy little idea. It's a basic tracking unit that allows you to track your way back to a location. Simply hit the "lock" button after you punch the parking brake and the IDC will record the location so you can rest easy when it's time to head back to the car.

The unit will provide a bearing and distance so that you know exactly where to go. No more wandering around like a total jackass, pulling at the door handles of every vehicle that looks remotely similar to your own. It has a range of up to 9,999 miles, so if you happen to park your car somewhere in Bolivia and need to track your way back from Ontario, you're all set.

Of course, you'll still have to remember to enter in your car's location before you walk away. If you get distracted by the sweet, sweet smell of chimichangas, you'll be in the same predicament you've found yourself in for the past 15 years when you forgot to take a look at those giant parking lot numbers and letters. That's really the biggest problem in the parking lot equation; if you had the presence of mind to take note where your car was parked in the first place, you wouldn't need to pay for GPS to guide you back. Oh well, since the IDC is right next to the key you'll use to lock your car doors, you have a fighting chance of remembering. Unfortunately, the burning desire for a fresh chimichanga has a way of leaving all logical considerations in the shadows.

You can order the IDC Ecco from Amazon today, but it won't be in stock until the 26th. While the $90 might seem quite expensive, the device can track up to three locations, so it's really just like a compact tracking GPS similar to the Bushnell Backtrack.

Source: DVICE

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Jun 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Must for ALL auto makers to add

Integrate GPS chip into ALL auto lock units for ALL CAR MAKES, models ALONE.
Must worldwide since some parking centers are Huge & unless Color Coded, U can lose your way.

Ideal for:
Trade shows
where crowds are over 3K.

Imagine losing cars someplace on the street after some beach event.

Or track car to find car Towed.

Must have for ALL.

AAA-Auto Club endorse this please.

Jun 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Worst place to lose a car ever

Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

Taking a customer on a company paid tour

Walking around forever, resorting to "you wait here, I'll have security drive me around"


How embarrassing. I mean REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness I'm so darn cute and loveable otherwise, I woulda been fired!!!

This SO would have helped me then.