Tiny Video Camera Leaves Your Hands Free For Other Activities

I used to be entrenched in the film and video industry.  As such, I operated cameras of all types on many different occasions.  There were certain times when I wished that I had my hands free instead of lugging around a heavy Beta-cam.

Like the time I was shooting a college basketball game.  I was on the floor, just behind the goal.  A player rams through his opposition, soars into the air, and smashes the ball through the hoop.  But his momentum carries him beyond the goal and—before I knew what had happened—he collides with me, bouncing both of us off of the floor and into the wall beyond.  I recall waking up in a tangle of cables with the camera on my head…

That wouldn’t have happened if today’s technology were involved.  I would have used one of these:

The Hands Free Video CameraThe Hands Free Video Camera

Though this little whopper doesn’t shoot broadcast quality video (offering images at only 320 x 240 resolution at 30 frames-per-second), it would have allowed me to jump out of the way—primarily because my peripheral vision would not have been compromised by the larger Beta-cam.  It attaches to your head via a headband and also has a built-in microphone.

Up to six hours of video can be recorded onto an 8GB micro SD memory card (included).  A rechargeable battery allows for 2 ½ hours of continuous use.

This golf ball sized camera also allows users to record up to 1200 still images.

The Rare North American Tri-ClopsThe Rare North American Tri-Clops

In order to save battery life, users can set the camera to only record when it detects movement.  Pretty neat if you want to catch little Billy stealing money for another set of Pokemon cards.

All recorded data can be viewed on a PC running Windows via a USB cable.

Overall I think this is a pretty cool little camera.  It would be great for camping trips, or just to record some first-person skateboard tricks.

You can get your Hands Free Video Camera at Hammacher Schlemmer.
Jul 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Apps for

Search & Rescue
Deep Sea diving
Scuba diving
Home security- hide & ID suspects in office.
auto thieves- hide in car, truck etc.
with News cameras, add footage or hidden?
Space shuttle ISS Use.
Archeological digs
Control inmates?

Many uses for.