TinyChat (Chatroulette With Clothes) Adds Twitter Chatrooms

When 140 characters are just not enough to get your point across, you can now actually square off with your Twitter followers face-to-face, with the launch of a new service by TinyChat. Twitter Chatrooms allows for instant video chat conferencing where any Twitter member can immediately engage after registration.

This web-based chat service that's been around since 2009, has been growing exponentially and receiving awards along the way. The Crunchies acknowledged TinyChat as the 'best bootstrapped startup.' Originally designed as a bare-bones chatroom app, it has since expanded its platform to include screen-sharing options, live video streaming and Facebook Connect.

On Twitter, after registering for a TinyChat Twitter Chatroom account, users are able to invite others to participate in the chat through email, Twitter or Facebook links. The invitees will then be able to sign in with their Twitter credentials using OAuth logins. The tweets of the users will be streamed below the video chat.

As far as TinyChat's other offerings, the company provides "rooms" based on topic.  The idea is you can break down a chat topic by subject matter where you conduct impromptu meetings with strangers based on common interests. This YouTube vid provides with a quick and easy overview.

Even though TinyChat has also launched a Chatroulette version of their service called Tinychat Next, I would hope the are setting up some restrictions as to how many articles of clothing are required to remain a member in good standing (or sitting, as the case may be). Chatroulette, for those that don't know is a Web site developed by a 17-year old Russian youth that connects random strangers via video chat. The fly in the ointment is that is has attracted a very young demographic that are more inclined to expose themselves than carry on an actual conversation.

Similar to Chatroulette, TinyChat Next allows users to be thrown into a room with strangers to conduct video chats with random people. When you tire of a person, you can simply move onto the next available user in TinyChat’s “Lobby”. (note: the term 'nexting' came into existence as a result of Chatroulette's service becoming widely popular.)

Andrey TernovskiyChatroulette's founder Andrey Ternovskiy is still entertaining offers from investors and actually visited the States back in March to talk to some serious money people. However, if he does not act quickly, Tinychat, the fully-clothed version version of Chatroulette might become the market leader in this space.

For more on Chatroulette, see "From Russia With Love, Chatroulette 17-Yr Old Founder En Route to USA? "

May 7, 2010
by Ron Callari

Chatroulette (with clothes)

TinyChat is not marketing themselves as Chatroulette (with clothes). That is the author's editorial commentary on what distinguished TinyChat from Chatroulette. By taking 'poetic license' I made the anaolgy to describe to the reader one of the major differences between the two services. And TinyChat is not riding on the 'coattails' of Chatroulette since it preceeded Chatroulette by almost a year. If anything, it may have been the other way around. In any event, if a reader likes the "tantalizing allure" - then he knows where to go. On the other hand, if users want to use a similar tool for communications and marketing purposes they have that option with TinyChat. Thanks for your input.