Tire Eraser Lets You Burn Rubber Without Burning Up Your Homework

Because “a desk top is like a garage”, your workplace has something missing if it doesn't have a Tire Eraser or two rolling around. Ideal for any test but a driver's examination, the Tire Eraser stands ready to erase your every error without leaving any telltale skid marks.

Japan has a thing for erasers, don't ask us why, but just be glad they do. Like all Japanese erasers, the Tire Eraser is well made and shows an unexpected wealth of fine details down to the realistic-in-miniature tire treads and crisply defined 5-bolt alloy wheel centers.

The product has no formal name other than “Eraser Like Tire”, which sounds like something Tarzan of the Apes might say while visiting his local stationery & auto parts emporium. Not that there's anything wrong with that: what Tarzan do in privacy of hut is Tarzan's business.

Odd copy or not, the Tire Eraser comes packed four to a package – either that's a lifetime supply or they wear down REALLY fast. You can order them from Rakuten on their online product page or from Village Vanguard, who offer a version with a slightly different “wheel” style.