Tissue Paper House Is Nothing To Sneeze At

Tissue paper box covers just got homier. The Tissue Case House from Di Classe looks like a traditional white farmhouse with white smoke rising from the chimney... wait a minute, that's not smoke!

Conceived by designer Keiko Okamoto, the box cover adds warmth to any interior decor scheme without the need to be overly cute. In fact, the cover exhibits a minimalist style in the "form follows function" design aesthetic - it display the form of a house but with no other visual clutter.

Standard size tissue boxes are secured beneath the Tissue Case House with two integral elastic bands and all the user needs to do is feed the first tissue rising from the box into and through the box cover's chimney hole. Then replace tissue boxes as needed.

In the meantime, family, friends and visitors will be charmed by what initially appears to be a sculpture of a house with steam or smoke rising from its chimney. Imagine how delighted they'll be when they discover the "smoke" is a tissue!

The Tissue Case House from Di Classe measures W270 × D140 × H125 mm (10.8" long by 5.6" wide by 5" high). It costs 2,310 yen (about $25.65) and can be ordered online from several in-house stores at Yahoo Japan, including Lover's Room Online Shop. (via Kodawari)

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Jul 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Not a new concept

My wife sewed a bunch of cloth "house" covers as Christmas presents several decades ago, for square-boxed tissues. They also have the tissues coming out of the chimney, although they're not minimalist but made from multiple patterned fabrics. We still use a couple of them.