Titillating Turbans: Charitable Business Makes Fashion For Cancer Survivors

Some of the most inspiring businesses out there derive from a personal need, and there's one business that provides a great example of this. One entrepreneur decided to start a business based on her own personal demands that she couldn't quite fulfill and has decided to give back to others with more than just her inventory.

Titillating TurbansTitillating Turbans

Titillating Turbans doesn't just have a great name (no, you're not just imagining the play-on words!), it's entire business concept is a great one! Titillating Turbans designs fashionable headwear specifically for women who are cancer survivors, recovering from their disease using chemo which has caused hair loss.

Not only does this business help women surviving cancer feel gorgeous as they recover; it also donates a portion of the proceeds to support breast cancer education.

Via: TrendHunter