TIWAL 3.2: The Inflatable Sailing Dinghy


Are you an urban guy or gal who secretly longs for the open water and a sail boat of your own? Maybe you want something small that's easy to navigate. You may be in the market for a dinghy, but don't have any means to transport it. That's where the inflatable TIWAL 3.2 would come in handy.

The TIWAL 3.2 is, according to their website, "the very first high performance sailing dinghy." It can be set up or packed away in under 20 minutes. When disassembled, it fits into two bags (each weighing around 60 pounds) that you can transport in the back of your hatchback (no trailer required).

Transporting TIWAL 3.2Transporting TIWAL 3.2

Anyone from the first time sailor, to the experienced vet can have a great time on the TIWAL 3.2. Designer, Marion Excoffon, set out to create a vessel that would meet the needs of the family out for a leisure sail. He wanted his design to be simple to navigate, light enough to carry and stable on the water. Thus the TIWAL 3.2 was born. 

The TIWAL weighs about 111 pounds, so it can be transported easily. It's design, with its saber-shaped daggerboard, makes it easy to sail upwind and downwind. With its ease in maneuverability, you can expect to reach speeds of up to 13mph. The structure of the TIWAL can withstand high winds, and because it is so sound, it allows for high performance use by experienced sailors. 

Carrying TIWAL 3.2Carrying TIWAL 3.2

This dinghy can fit up to two adults or one adult and two kids. If you're just beginning to learn sailing, you can expect to become acclimated to the TIWAL 3.2 in about 2-3 hours in light winds. TIWAL also offers a boomless sail and high clearance, which make it easier to move around on deck. You can also right the TIWAL 3.2 easier than a regular dinghy if you happen to capsize. 

Depending on what size sail you want, the TIWAL is going to cost you anywhere from $5,850-$6,900. That's not a bad price for a quality dinghy that you can fold up and stow in your car when you're done on the open waters. 

Source: TIWAL