TK-Tool Epotimizes Fitness Device Simplicity

TK-Tool TrainingTK-Tool Training

It looks like a cross between a punching pad and a push up bar, or maybe just a tiger printed shield. The TK-Tool is, in some ways, all of the above. You can use it as a punching pad/shield or as a push up bar or to do bicep curls or tricep extensions. The TK-Tool is a simple device with a lot of uses.


The makers of the TK-Tool or TigerKick Ultimate Fitness Tool are trying to "usher in a new fitness revolution." That revolution is, of course, features the TK-Tool as its centerpiece. While the TK-Tool is the centerpiece, it is also the instrument that will deliver results from the TigerKick system, which was developed as a group exercise system. 

Training With TK-ToolTraining With TK-Tool

The TigerKick system was designed for the entire family and features exercises using the TK-Tool, complimented by body weight exercises, with a bit of martial arts (also utilizing the TK-Tool) mixed in. TigerKick focuses on the "why" of a fitness regimen, rather than just the "how," and it targets kids as potential fitness gurus, instilling healthy habits at a young age. 

The TK-Tool isn't yet on the market. The TigerKick system hasn't gone commercial either, but Scott Butler (TigerKick's founder) uses the regimen in his training practice. You can find out more information on the TigerKick system and the TK-Tool on TK-Tool's Kickstarter site