TKO Slap Watches: Vintage Inspiration With A Modern Twist

The nineties were a time of slap bracelets and neon. A weird weird fashion combination maybe; but a great excuse to get in a little bit of friendly abuse inflicted upon your peers while making a whole lot of noise. Well, we all know that trends come back around, and one watch maker is bringing an old trend back with a modern twist.

Slap WatchesSlap Watches

TKO is a watch maker that has decided to bring back the old slap bracelet trend. The look is likely to appeal to nineties children who have grown up to find themselves missing their old favorite, abusive fashion accessories, or kids of today who just haven't gotten to learn the joys of slap bracelets. This new line of watches comes with multiple bands which the watch face pops into that way you can change your slap watch look to suit your mood. All of the bands are rubber and brightly colored, and just as snaptastic as you remember.

TKO WatchesTKO Watches

Via: TrendHunter