The TNT Royal Rétro Watch 43: An Edgy Wearable Tech Anachronism

The TNT Royal Rétro 43 watch marks a revivial of the Royal Rétro movement of five years back that was marketed as "the essence of Pierre De Roche." Today that brand has made an elegant comeback from its orgins, albeit with a version a bit smaller than its original creation. It is a unique time-piece, as no other watch in the world can boast of six second hands, each of which functions within precise ten-second intervals until the next retrograde hand takes over, after which they return to their original positions.

Pierre De Roche and the TNT watch collection


Pierre and Carol De Roche: Source: worldtempus.comPierre and Carol De Roche: Source:


Pierre De Roche watches all begin with nothing but an idea, the cornerstone of which is always its particular movement. Every single watch represents a loving collaboration between de Roche and Carole, his loving wife of 30 years. The TNT collection is the quintessence of 'boutique watch brands,' many of which are too expensive for the purse of the average consumer.  The brand has not been built by marketing gurus, as is the case with others of its ilk, but rather by a man who has watch-making in his blood. His time-pieces are technically inspired with a focus on mechanics and accuracy and tempered by the power and femininity of his wife's brilliant vision. They have been collaborating on design features for almost a decade.


Rétro Watch Movement: Source: worldtempus.comRétro Watch Movement: Source:


 In his own words: "Starting from scratch, we have developed 12 different complicated mechanisms with useful and/or fun complexities (such as the Royal Rétro). Proportionally speaking, we are probably one of the most creative brands. And all these complications have been developed exclusively for us. This differentiation is our strongest unque selling point (USP)..."

Why create a watch with six second hands?

There seems little doubt that De Roche's motivation has its basis in providing  some fun to the wearer of this elegant time-piece. However, this does not detract from the fact that the gears and strip springs whcih replace the more traditional cams (rotating or sliding pieces used especially in transforming rotary motion into linear motion or vice-versa) and balance springs improve shock resistance and make adjustments easier. It's a good way to pass the time (forgive the pun), as the second hands put on quite a show while changing positions.

What are some of the features of this extraordinary watch?


TNT Rétro Watch: Source: Pinterest.comTNT Rétro Watch: Source:


The TNT Royal Rétro 43 watch is 4 millimeters smaller than its predecessor and it has a 43 millimeter titanium case that houses a mechanical 25-jewel automatic movement and an engraved oscillating weight. Worn on an alligator strap outfitted with its own safety-folding clasp, this incredible time-piece comes in a limited edition of 201 pieces.

Geared for the precise recording of the passage of time, the tour-de-force of this elegant watch are the half-dozen second hands that are supported by six satin-finished seconds bridges. They have their own retrograde gear sequence and a strip-spring return to snap them back to zero after the completion of their cycle.


While the analog process of representing data by continuously variable physical quantities (second and minute hands on a watch) may well be a thing of the past, it is only an ingenious mind that can build upon its worth  and legacy and incorporate it into a stylish, unque and innovative design. The TNT collection and the Royal Rétro Watch 43 are bold and ultra contemporary, However, the beauty of its intricate design lies in the fact that it remains one piece from a collection created by a small boutique Swiss brand with very traditional values.

 The Royal Rétro Watch by Pierre De Roche is beautiful in any language and by anyone's definition.