Earn Your Bread and Butter With Toast Art

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to a hot cup of coffee and some toast. I usually take that morning quiet time to slather on the butter and pile on the jelly. “Toast Artist” Lennie Payne does something different, however. He creates portrait art from toast.

Payne uses white bread, a blow torch and scraping instruments in order to create his masterpieces. He told MAKE writer Gavin Harper how he goes about this process: "When bread is dry, it won't degrade or go moldy, so by flattening the bread, and then lacquering it, to keep the moisture out, the bread stays dry and wont rot. This is done after the bread has be toasted. You use a gas blowtorch to scorch the bread and turn it black, and then scrap away the burnt bread to create different tonal values., once the bread is lacquered on all sides, which helps to vitrify the bread, it is stuck onto a base with some silicone adhesive."

Payne has had some problems with his edible canvas, though. He sent one piece away to be framed and received a panicky call from the framer saying that mice had nibbled three pieces of the toast. Even mice can’t get enough of his toast artwork!

He has sold his various pieces to art collectors and says that his original work shows how art can come in many different shapes and sizes. He does do commissioned work and can be reached through his website.

I personally think these are pretty cool but I wonder how many pieces of toast he burns before he gets one that is perfect for his portraits. Also, I'm curious as to how long one of these would last if I hung it on my wall. There's nothing like inviting people over to show them my awesome toast art only to have it molded over. Still, these are pretty impressive. Wouldn't you agree?


Source: MAKE

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Jul 7, 2008
by Anonymous


yeah very nice and talented! I wonder that too!