Toast To Tongues-in-Cheeks:Greeting Cards Made From Soy

Toast Greeting CardToast Greeting CardWhat connection does and should toast stationery have to toast or any other significant food-related life? Huh, you may reply intelligently as I might have done before I read about this new line of toast cards from a San Francisco-based company known to the free world as Chewing The Cud.

This company bursts the seams of the definition of the word, innovation, and uniqueness is their mantra, whether it is related to the world of paper, apparel or accessories.

What is uniique about the toast greeting card?

The toast greeting card permits the user to fill in a unique toast, whether it is about graduation, a fallen soufflé, engagement or any other celebratory moment. If you get a little hungry while attempting to be creative with your toast card, close your eyes and consider that this toast stationery utilizes soy-based inks (burnt orange and espresso).

This toast greeting card is printed on 100% tree-free heavy weight paper and comes in pearly white. (No toasty light or dark browns so that one may carry the concept of toast a bit too far!) It is 5.5” high x 4.25” wide and blank inside. The toast card comes with a Kraft envelope neatly packaged in cellophane.

And so, my friends, why not consider the possibilities inspired by sending a toast card? Perhaps even enjoy a piece of toast while you are creating your toast card to put you in an empathetic mood. Whatever you do, don’t get crumbs on your new toast card. It could ruin everything!

If asked why you chose to send a toast card, remember that not all questions need be answered!

Happy toast card!