Toasty Edible Fashion: Wearable Slippers Made From Bread

It seems like these days just about anything you can eat has made its way into the world of fashion, and the latest innovation will keep your feet toasty in more ways than one.

Edible Toasty FashionEdible Toasty Fashion

No, these bread shoes weren't just created as an art project, nor is this a hoax; they really are sold as shoes that you can wear on your feet. Since there's nothing worse than soggy bread, they're probably best suited for slippers around the house, offering comfort and an emergency food source should the apocalypse arrive. As if your dog isn't drooling after your slippers enough already, these are sure to keep Fido glued to your feet, which will remain nice and toasty as you go about your day (pun intended).

Bread ShoesBread Shoes

Since bread is about the cheapest edible item on the planet, the shoes, including a personally selected cardboard box retail for only 20 Euro on the designers' website. The edible shoes come in a variety of styles and recipes, so whether your feet happen to prefer whole wheat or Italian, there's an option that will confirm to their diet and fashion preferences.

Edible ShoesEdible Shoes

Via: Deezen

Dec 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Why the F*** would u eat

Why the F*** would u eat something that you were walking on